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Building beyond our shores for the future.

ScotiaPort is Atlantic Canada’s first and only Net Zero inland port with 2,300 acres that will serve as a state-of-the-art inter-modal transportation, rail yard, container terminal, warehousing and distribution park.

ScotiaPort will address truck traffic traveling to the Port of Halifax, increase container shipping capacity to and from the seaport, and provide warehousing and re-packing facilities for containers and general shipping and supply chains in Atlantic Canada.

Supply Chain Logistics

Point-to-point strategies

Sea Transportation

Ocean to Inland

Railway Transport

The rail hub of Atlantic Canada

Highway Access

Immediate connection to all points

The establishment of ScotiaPort will result in people and goods moving faster. This in turn will facilitate increased trade by improving the flow of container cargo to and from the container terminals and the new marine container examination facility. The end result will be an economic enabler to help to improve the port’s ability to safely and efficiently grow trade in a sustainable manner through its international gateway.

The project requires federal funding to assist with the construction of new highway interchanges and related roadway infrastructure to connect the ScotiaPort site with Highway 104. The cost to construct the interchanges and roadways is prohibitive, and federal funding is required to make the project feasible.

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